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Monday, 18-Dec-2006 23:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ski trip in Chamrousse

InMine&A.Long'sRoom(living room)PlayingUno (court: Isa).
AmazingViewOutsideVerandah (court: Isa)
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18 Dec 06
After almost 1 hour flight delayed, finally we arrived Grenoble (pronounce: Grunob). Felt chilly but cant see any snow in a distance. *sigh* bad sign for skiing. Then, we arrived grenoble town which is almost like a dead town. Fewer happening things around. Asma’ ,whom Bad bumped into while going to public toilet, helped us with accommodation and showed us around for groceries shopping and kebab. Around 5, we got into the bus and arrived chamrousse around 6. Everybody kecoh and jakun tengok tempat tuh ber’snow’. Hehe… I couldn’t be bothered. The only thing playing in my mind was whether or not the ski station open. Then sampai Epiceas A, d’Larsalle, our apartment, lepak² then tido.

19 Dec 06
Every1 got excited for skiing. It was gloomy and foggy. We went to get the ski pass, then off hired the equipment. I got snowboard, but the rest rented ski. Everybody jadik bidan terjun. Pakai terjun je slope in a hope that sum1 or sumthing (like a rock) would stop their momentum. The most they can do was using their own weight as an anchor (maksudnye menjatuhkan diri dgn sengaje lar mcm nangke busuk)..hehe… Isa, tak puas hati after having a novice snowboarder (me) as their teacher so die pon carik le ski teacher. They learnt quite fast. Funny, from many jargons in the ski class, the only thing heard again and again from them was ‘snowplow’. Snowplow, teknik memberhentikan diri tanpe menggunekan kusyen di punggung dan tanpe melebam lebamkan badan. Bad ‘plowing the snow’ better while Isa, A.long and Jin Weng do it okay. Tho Wei still struggling ‘plowing the snow’ in the bushes (hehe:p) sampaikan rambut keras and berputih².
While they were learning, I explored the ski stations up and down to the highest altitude. Deym!! It was foggy below, but at higher altitude, MaShaAllah!! Fantastic, Suntastic, SuperSkiStick, and pelbagai stick yg lain. Matahri terang benderang and lawa!!

20 Dec 06
Sunny day. Everybody suffered muscle pain like being beaten in a fight club. But we all turun padang. The newbies praticed their ‘snowplow’ and taught A.shidi skiing from beginning. As usual I explored my own. They seem has mastered ‘plowing the snow’ very well without the sticks. No more jeritan² “Tolong!!Komeya!!Help!!Socorro!!”. Hehe. With confidence, I persuaded them all and brought them to a higher and challenging altitude to watch the mountain from ‘heaven’. Spectacular view! Lpas tangkap² gambar, and solat under the tree, we came down, Alhamdulillah without costing anyone’s life. Everyone traumatise (or at least me), we stopped skiing and called it a day. Sorry guys! Another chapter of my life went by.:’(

21 Dec 06
A.shidi & fmly, Isa, Jinweng and Tho Wei made their way to Lyon, jengjalan. A.long and Bad exhaustingly stayed at home. I went out snowboarding alone…. Missing them. Taught some frens from Imperial College and then taught one Palestinian Muslim to snowboard. Met her on the ski lift. hehe
At 2 o’clock, joined A.long and Bad to the cable car. 2250 m above sea level woooo. After some action, posing for ‘paparazzi’, and self body-hugging (sejoooook), we had lovely hot choc while sun bathing (call it skin-damaging process). Sedap giler berselubung under the blanket! *sigh* Sempat lar jugak tido for at least 10 minutes. Came down, went back home, then prepared meals for the Lyon trip ppl.

22 Dec 06
4 of us went skiing 4 the last time – Me, Jinweng, Isa n ThoWei. Fuh, they really got themselves under control, nearing Pro. Mantap! Me and Jinweng went to a higher alitude. Then at 2, went to the cable car. To our dismay, the cable car got stuck in the middle because of sum technical problem. They had to rescue everybody onboard the cable car and brought them down by rope. Nasib baik kami bukan dlm cabel car tuh, kalu tak bikin cuak ker Danish jerk!
So we cancelled the cable car trip, continue on skiing sampai lar the lift operator fed up looking at me and jinweng again and again that they had to close the lift. Haha. That night, we went to sauna, swimming and jacuziing. Sedap giler badan! First time berjacuzi maaa.. Nak suro Umi and Ayah prepare jacuzi kat rumah plak rasenye.

23 Dec 06
Jengjln Grenoble. Very lively town! Mkn Kebab, solat, then off to the heart of the town and christmas market. Jumpe Santa with Llama at the roadside. Comel and jinak gler. Isa takut die gigit and spitting. Then jumpe Durex vending machine tepi jln. Pelik lar Grenoble nih, tp best! Then balik semule ke Bus Station getting ready to go to airport. Outbound fare to airport cheaper by £4 than inbound fare from airport to chamrousse! Being cheated! Arghhh!! Around 9.40 pm, “Attention ladies and gentlemen. Aircraft FR2139 ready for take off”, said the pilot. I replied (in my heart),”whatever Mr. Pilot! Fly us safe! Bye² Chamrousse, Grenoble, and France!!”.

All in all, nice ski trip in france! Thanx to A.Shidi&Famly, A.long, Isa, Jin Weng, Tho wei, and Bad.

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London to chamrousse

Millenium bridge (Courtesey:Isa)
British Museum (Courtesey:Isa)
Taxi charge (Courtesey:Isa)
First weekend of winter holiday. Me, Isa and A.long(my hsemate) went to London, cuti² UK. Tumpang rumah memba di Bayswater. Went to millenium bridge, then to london bridge, then to tower bridge. Chilling cold to our spine. Kesian fazdhir. Straight from Malaysia dgn weather shock pakai baju nipis berlapiskan lemak yg sedikit. hehe..
Straight after that to SOHO, and then Chinatown. Then balik rumah.
The next day, straight to British Musuem with high anticipation to see dinosours but to the brink of bathos. "Mane de dinosour kat British museum. Dinosour kat Natural history museum lar!" said the counter lady. "Cheh! Buat penat jer dtg!" I said dalam hati.
Anyway, British museum worth the visit! Free entrance and loads of stuff stuffed properly inside. Sehari pon x cukop. Besar sgt. Dont expect to find out about history of Britain in British Museum. Sumer ancient relic inside barang curik from other country mase zaman penjajahan British dulu. Byk yg still controversial. All in all, best! haha. Now i know why lady buddha make gesture of 'OK' at one hand and open her palms upside down at the other hand.
The next day, off we went to chamrousse. Missed the earlier bus, kena naik teksi to the airport. Cost us £120! S***!

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Liverpool>Carlisle>Rosley>Lake District>Liverpool

Carlisle City Centre
Carlisle Castle Living Room
Carlisle Castle sort of prison (Bebudak buang tebiat)
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Rumah Shakespeare
Background- Laman Blakang rumah Shakespeare
River Avon
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Haaa...this is during Easter holiday. Went to north to Stardford-Upon-Avon, birthplace of Shakespeare. Small and has its own charm, like Bath but waaayy cleaner than Bath. We departed from Bath at noon, so by the time we arrive to SUA, everything almost closed. Baru je pkol 5.00 ptg oi mat Salleh! Rilek aaaa!! Hari pon masih cerah lagik! Tensi tol. Therefore, x dapek masuk rumah Si Shakespeare.
Kat taman die kitorang makan nasik lemak, bekal from home. Podeh nak mampus. Middle and north england spring time was a wee bit later than southern part, hence it was somewhat cold. Konon bwk bekal nasik lemak nak picnic kat taman die sambil menikmati ke'warm'an matahari le, tapi, sejok! Name die '..Upon-Avon' because the river Avon mengalir kat situh and reaches Bath. Then stay overnight at Liverpool, further north.

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Melayu Bath

TheOne came out in Utusan's website
These picture was taken during the first week of Ramadhan for 2005 raya. They represent about 75% of the Malay community in Bath (from Malaysia and Brunei). Any event that we hold will involved everybody because we are small in number. No one will be left out. That's one thing that i like about our community. *hug*hug*.....

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